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About us

The story behind your Jini


It all started a few years ago. Being me and like any other girl, we always have that situation of finding that perfect swimsuit top, but the bottom is just okay, or vice versa. After many years of having to buy a new swimsuit for every summer holiday, I became really fed up when wanting to exchange my bottom for a bigger size – but of course it’s not allowed.

This got me thinking…

My idea was to get make a one size fits all bikini and for it to be reversible so that it will have more than one look. Jini just grew bigger and bigger from that moment on.  I started playing around with the swimsuits I already owned and came upon a strappy bottom. This little bottom made me realize that I can wear it as a top too, then I turned it sideways and folded it in on the one side to make it the same size. From here on out it was trial and error until we finally decided that we were happy with our idea! My husband supported me and gave his opinion every step of the way! Without him this could not have happened.

I hope that Jini Designs will help every other woman out there to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time!


With your own Jini you don’t need to buy 3 different swimsuits to have 3 different looks. All you need is a Jini collection and you’ll have an unlimited number of styles to choose from.


Anton and Jeanri Oosthuizen