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Maya Print - Jini® bikini piece

Sold per piece! 

1 Item is 1 piece that can be worn as either a top OR a botttom. 

A set requires 2 pieces. 

A classic piece to add to you bikini collection. This reversible black and white print allows for many mix and match options. It's versatility will add to your personal styles and fit your body in all the right places, perfectly.

JINI's hand stitched bikini design is special, because it works with your body. This Infinity bikini has more than 20 different Styles and variations. It is truly the only bikini that you will ever need.

This revolutionary bikini was designed to be Reversible, and to be worn as a Top or a Bottom with One size to fit every body shape.

Instead of having normal straps, the JINI's straps are broad and specifically shaped to provide support and comfort. You can also add cups to the bikini if needed, this makes it the first of its kind.

  • The Jini guarantees to be a high-quality bikini that won't rip or tear
  • 2 full pieces of fabric that are stitched together
  • Double sewing technique using spandex thread
  • The JINI will be able to stretch, twist and fold to your needs and desires

Like any woman out there, I have always struggled to find the perfect Bikini for my body shape. If I wanted to try out a new look, I had to buy a new Bikini. But it never seemed to fit just right.

This revolutionary bikini idea was made to help every woman in the world. It's designed to fit any body type and also be comfortable at the same time. The bikini's straps allow the customer to play around to find the perfect fit for their own body shape and personality. The straps can be twisted, knotted and even wrapped around to create different styles as a top and a bottom.

With a JINI Bikini, you don't need to worry about buying a new bikini every season. With just one piece you have endless possibilities.